You have to be brave


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Life is an eternal class, it’s all about spending your days, and experiencing what life has to offer. It’s in these unique, and personal experiences where we develop our own view, and understanding of reality. For some people they find it works for them to go along with the flow of what is normal, traditional, acceptable, and expected. It could take a life event to change that, and bring light to people’s conscience.  When something terrible happens in a person’s life they begin to look at the world in an observatory way where they see everything with fresh eyes which see only the truth. It’s in this state where we take a step back from our identity, and examine the world we live in, and look within ourselves where there is that joy buried underneath years, and years of lessons that have instilled feelings of fear, and belief systems that fuel the fire that’s creating all this suffering that surrounds us. We are meant to be free, and when you get to a state where you know that there is good in everyone, that your reason here on earth is to only spread seeds that will heal, and you realize that you’re living in a world that has made it so difficult to allow this process of healing to happen, that’s when the call to change something comes.

Because our world is so chaotic and focused on so many of the things that are destroying it, spreading the truth to communicate to people that we can change this world, “All You Need Is Love”, and the peace is within, really demands a brave quality in someone. Life is an adventure I think because for those who are on that path of searching for the truth, and spreading it you are constantly going up against society who will dispel you, put you in a box, label you, and try to negate you like they always have. The real secret to life is to live in the unknown, and live in a state where you’re always ready to try that new thing that frightens you, and is out of your comfort zone. For you to know the truth, and the real meaning behind your understanding, and intentions behind your actions is the only thing that should matter to a person. If you know in your heart that what your doing, and what you believe will only create peace, and joy for those around you, then know that there is no harm in that, and you will be guided to something greater than you could ever imagine.

When I speak about being guided, I’m talking about intuition, and being open to those little sparks of wisdom within you that create that sense of fear, and excites you at the same time to do something radical, and completely out of the ordinary. Where you find that joy within you is the guide, you have to do what makes you happy, and you have to be creative with it. Let your purpose come through your intuition, and take action to create something that is bigger than any self-centered goal. Express yourself in a way where it feels as though you’re doing something for the better of the community, because you just felt it was your responsibility.

Staying grounded in spirituality


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Spirituality can be a consuming subject, and that’s why it’s important to emphasize that there is a reason why there is our physical reality, as well as the ethereal wisdom of spirituality. We were born into this world to do something, and live a life that in some fraction has a reverberating effect throughout the population. For some people that purpose may come in the form of meditating all day, everyday, and for others it may be teaching, painting, counseling, etc.  I’ve come to understand that celebrating your personality, and your physical experience is a significant part in living a life in full acceptance, and in a life that is connected to those around you. Spiritual experiences, and realizations can be extremely intense, in a good way, but no matter how intense we can’t get swept up in a way where we deny the gift of relating to people in a way where we are empathetic, and equal, not gifted, and chosen.

While it is a gift to experience this in our lives it doesn’t mean that we are above anyone else, and this is ironic to me because with awareness should come the feeling that we are not separate, but people do get swept up in it, and become starry eyed, with a sense that they have been selected above all. While in some way a spiritual experience does express this feeling that you have been selected, the true realization is that we have all been selected, it’s just our responsibility to listen to just what that is, and it’s that listening and yearning that calls for the answer that is given with a spiritual experience. That experience is the deepest feeling of love, and you can’t let it detract you from living a life in action, making a difference, and working toward something greater than yourself. Wisdom is not arrogance, and it is presumptuous to treat everyone you interact with as unaware, when you do that you’ve not allowed any real connection with that person.

My understanding of spirituality is evolving, but what I know is that we have to align the truest part of ourselves with our personality. We can’t let these experiences take us away from accomplishing a life fully lived on this planet, you have to let your being shine through in whatever it is your doing, and that’s were the change happens. You can’t inspire change through judging, and staring people intently in their eyes trying to catch a glimpse of their soul, but through using your personality to do good, and inspire good while also remembering to live, breathe, feel, taste, and love your life.

Honoring individuality in others


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It is such a shame that we live in a world so divided by belief systems, and ideologies that intently marginalize specific groups of minorities across the world. We have become so advanced, and intelligent, yet the majority is still lacking the instinctual ethics of the human heart. We are all here, we are all different, and we should all be accepted for exactly what is in our nature. In no way am I saying to condone violence, hateful attitudes, and unethical, immoral behavior; a person should only admire good character. I’m talking about accepting those who are different from you, we’re here to be out of our comfort zone, learn from others, and love the differences in our world community, the differences are the root of the gifts of our being. When you deny someone, you instill a poisonous seed in their memory that follows them along forever, never letting them be free to express exactly what their purpose intended.  This denying of what’s true has a negative ripple affect across society, but you can let it go.

The real problem is that the collective majority has become very comfortable by identifying problems on the outside, spreading hate, and segregation further instilling the hierarchal belief that one is more superior than the other. What a sad belief to feel more important than someone else so blindly. When you look outside yourself, and judge others you have put the infinite possibilities of that person in a box along with yourself. We are on this planet to change it for the better, and that starts first in our own house, and it’s our responsibility as human beings to make sure that we are being our highest selves. Judging others from an illusionary pedestal, and spreading fear of change is an evil discourse. I would suggest that ignorance is a dominating force across the world, and there is a need to emphasize the importance of continual self-development.

It’s a choice people make when they stop learning new knowledge, and choose to grow into adults while still carrying the mental capacity of a child, who has been bombarded by the belief systems, of countless other individuals while all along not learning for themselves.  This is what were here to do, have our own individual experience, and with that should come our own perception, not your parents, or your nation. The ancient Greek truth “Know thyself” says it so simply. Now I don’t think all of the worlds problems will be solved in this lifetime, but I know for sure that it is our responsibility to accelerate the process of evolution and bring out the good in this world, and focus on what’s so different and amazing about all of our brothers and sisters.

Only good matters.


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When your vice’s get the best of you or when your fears take control over you, and you become a walking talking anxious, guilty, scared mess remember what you are. You were born into this world originating from a microscopic speck, and out of nothing you became a walking, talking, conscious, living, breathing, human being. It doesn’t matter what scares you, or what bad you did, forgiveness is what all of us are given when we recognize that every moment in our life is a new chance to undo all the bad with what only matters, and is your true power; good.

This planet is consumed with things, expectations, envy, jealousy, hate, guilt, fear, pollution, hunger, disease, and suffering. It’s so sad that we live in a world governed by borders, and believe in hierarchy, war, and that there is not enough. This is the mindset that the majority is entrapped in, and it’s no wonder why this world is consumed with suffering.  There is so much good inside all of us that it seems like such a waste to not share it with the world, and when you get to the root of the problem it all starts with us. We are the creators on this planet, we have been given free will, and we can make a choice to change the planet we live in, and if we don’t make that choice sooner than later, we are the losers.

I recognize that this post is very emphatic, but I wrote it in a stream of consciousness, and right now this is what I felt was most important in getting across through this blog. I realized not so long ago that my purpose was to share what I know can help someone out there, whoever these words resonate with, and inspire them to go within themselves, and learn what I learned. For me the first step was to realize just how miraculous it is that we have this life, and how sad it is that it’s not being enjoyed to it’s full potential because our minds are stuck in park waiting for us to wake up so we can get going on with what were here to do, change the world.

Let fear be your guide


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When someone is in a fearful mindset they’re stuck in neutral, and living in a state where they’re controlled by this roadblock that doesn’t allow them to move forward. That’s why it’s so important for people to be aware of the feelings fear generates inside of you. It’s that feeling that rises up inside of you when you feel the anxious need to defend yourself, fight, and close the door. It’s a feeling that completely opposes the prospect of positive change in your life. So here I am at the point, when you feel fear inside of you, lean back out of the situation, and acknowledge the fear, and then look back at the situation with new eyes.

Change is good, but it can generate a not so good feeling in you when it starts to happen. This is exciting news though, because now fear, anxiety, and anger can be associated with something so great, I’m talking about evolution. If we never accepted the fear, and moved forward we would never get ourselves out of our past dramas. It is such a waste of life to get caught in the emotions, and reactions associated with fear. They just keep us from learning new things about life, and yourself. So the next time you feel that defensive urge to pull back, defend, and exclaim your opinion, recognize where that’s coming from, most likely it’s coming from the little voice in your head that instills doubt, judges others, and your self, and creates this illusion that life sucks. Life is actually a miracle though, no matter how bad your situation is on this planet, the fact is that you live on a little rotating ball in an infinite universe, and we have examined light years of distances, and still have not found a place as perfect as earth. To look at your life, and be dissatisfied is truly ungrateful.

No matter what you’re suffering from, remind yourself how lucky you are to have a life. And be aware of your self when you start to feel those negative defensive feelings, it’s most likely trying to keep you from developing into the person you are meant to be, so don’t react. If you start to doubt the process of personal evolution because you get set back, remember evolution is a process, and it doesn’t happen over night.  You can choose to let your life be a soap opera, or an epic.

Alex Zanardi, Winner of the Men’s Individual H4 Time Trial at the 2012 London Paralympics.

Don’t mind what happens.


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A couple of days ago I wrote a post about acceptance and how when you accept something you’ve put yourself on the next step in moving forward. I went into talking about accepting an illness. I need to make it clear that by accepting an illness in no way does that mean you have resigned yourself to deteriorate. Acceptance is moving past the mind made up emotions that come with all different sorts of sorrow in our lives. To not accept something and move forward is kind of like living in the past, and that’s a problem because really there is no past, so by dwelling on pain from your past you are disconnected from life, which is now.

It’s hard for people to understand the concept of accepting something horrible like cancer, but the reality is that the cancer is there to teach you something about life, and if you’re open to learning you have to accept it first, and you could be very surprised about how such an awful experience could potentially change your life for the better. You have to accept your life’s circumstances. The great spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti once told people what his secret to life is, he said “You see, I don’t mind what happens” think about that for a second. By not minding what happens you put your awareness outside of your emotional, obsessively thinking, analytical mind, and you find yourself observing life in a new way were problems are just experiences that instead of experiencing pain from, you learn from, and remain peaceful during the process, which could only promote the healing of a disease.

So what it comes down to ultimately is a choice. You can choose to mourn forever, or you can choose to pick yourself up, and move forward through life realizing that you’re still breathing, so there must be something else you should be doing besides suffering. What goes hand in hand with not minding what happens is bringing your self back to the present moment. The present moment is really the only real time, you can see it, you can touch it, you can smell it, you can hear it, and you can feel it; it is not an illusion like the automatic thoughts that run through our minds. When you practice living in the present with patience you realize things about your life that I could not explain, but through experiencing it you will see the true power and grace that lives in the now.

Accepting the worst lets in the best


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Life brings us an experience. Ultimately that’s what life is, and what we basically do on this earth is experience it. Now we can choose to experience it, or we can struggle to experience it and suffer. If you’re struggling to experience your life, its probably because you’re living in a state where the concept of acceptance is absolutely foreign too you. If you’re suffering right now from a trillion of the possible scenarios that would entitle you your own unique suffering it’s probably because you’ve resigned yourself to never accept that which is unacceptable. This is the greatest mistake you could make, by not accepting what is ‘unacceptable’ you have just hit pause on the magical play that is your life.

I wonder to myself if the majority of people acknowledge that life is a series of lessons that we must go through, and just like a class in school we either, ace the test, or we fail the test. By not accepting something like a disease you may think that you have resigned yourself to conquering this disease, and by pretending like you don’t have it you will transcend it. Well here’s the thing with that scenario, that’s denial, and some pretty aimless thinking. By accepting that which is unacceptable you transcend the problem and you look at it from a solution based perspective, you ask yourself “what was this meant to teach me?” and “what is the next step I can take to correct this problem?”. When you negate the reality of your situation and choose to get swept up in your emotions and personal soap opera, you are letting that fire destroy you, you are going to class and not paying attention, and you’re probably blind to the fact that your cancer is just eating away at you and spreading like wildfire. A little dramatic it may seem but it’s actually pretty accurate.

When you accept whatever your problem is you’ve gone onto the next stage of that experience, and if you are aware that the problem is their to teach you something, pull you out of your comfort zone, and help you grow closer to your ultimate life’s purpose then you become the triumphant champion of your own personal role playing game. You become the player of a character with the intention of winning the fight and grabbing a couple trophies with you along the way.

Aligning the ego with purpose


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The ego does not serve you, but it can control you. This is one thing I’ve learned on the path through hard earned life experiences. This is how I understand the ego; think of someone in your life who gives horrible advice, this same person will also enforce everything awful you’ve done to raise your confidence, then turn on you and use it against you at some point, now that’s exactly what the ego does. Here’s the catch; it will give you that advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sounds like a deal? Think of it more like a life sentence.

I’ve grown to understand that we can escape the grip of these thoughts that seem to dominate every person who is either in some sort of pain or causing pain. But the catch is we still have an identity, Your identity is how the majority of those understand who you are: white male, twenty-three years old, likes long walks on the beach, and love’s Italian food! This is what society accepts to understand who you are. You are so much more than this though, beyond being measured, indescribably amazing! It is the truth and the shame is people can limit you to 19 syllables. It’s really hard to break through this, and would require a widespread paradigm shift in how we see each other, identify with each other, and communicate with each other, so lets work around it.

We understand people through their identity, but the illusion is just that. I’ve realized that we have to work with this illusion to serve our higher purpose here on this planet, for example if you understand your name is John, but you personally understand that John is just a label that can be used to make you separate from the greater whole, then you’re set. A bird does not have a name, it just is, and it serves its purpose. If people want to understand you as John, that great guy who’s helping the sick, than let that illusion mystify people into realizing the purpose to do something bigger than your self.


Satisfying your soul


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“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
– Maya Angelou

If you are in a place in your life where it seems as though everything of meaning has come to a standstill and you have this sense that there is something else that matters maybe its time you start thinking about your soul. The soul has a yearning to do good, inspire good, and feel good, it comes from a place of togetherness, hope and understanding of the good nature that exists in everything all around us. Satisfying your soul brings happiness inward and outward, the joyful experience of engaging with your soul for the better of everyone and everything around you is infectious and detrimental to the world we live in.

This yearning for a satisfied soul comes from the creative part of our human nature, it can be expressed in countless ways and you can practice it every moment of your life. You could be working during the day as a lawyer and be satisfying the soul at night through painting. It is an inherent need us humans have to find meaning in our lives, and sometimes that requires us to reexamine our lives and look for that thing rooted in good that inspires you and those around you. The world is so full of pain and suffering, we need everyone to engage the truest part of themselves and let out that good energy and help heal those around all of us.

Great artists have always used their work to satisfy their souls and inspire those around them, its work that stands that test of time and provides warmth, comfort, and understanding to those when they need it. Your soul work does not have to be just art it can be a form of expression for example. In the past my main source of soul work was motion graphics design, now I’ve moved on to include in that, spiritual expression through this blog, with the hope that the words and content I post on this blog will spread truth and inspire those who read it too look within and end their own suffering.

Are you satisfying your soul?